Help us make our Next Album!

In April, we will go back into the studio to record our next album!

With this money we can record it, and distribute it all over the world!

We have new songs about love, space, babies, whales, farms, and dogs!

Please forward this to people far and wide, we need all the help we can get!!

We are embarking on another phase of our musical journey, and we want you to be a part of it! Last year Jessica and I released our first album together, and after years of struggle we saw all of our hard work pay off! It was beautiful, we played 150 shows in 40 of the United States, Vancouver/Montreal Canada, and 15 awesome shows in the UK! We did this all without a label, a booking agent, a publicist, a manager, or even any idea of how to do it, but we just figured it out! Renewing our faith in hard work and humanity. We didn’t always know where we were going to sleep, or if we had enough money for decent food, but somehow it just magically worked out. ALMOST every day!

Everybody knows about the state of the music industry, new forms of distribution are bringing music to the people! We are part of a new movement of independent artists who are gonna keep music alive for the future. Introducing Kickstarter, here is a safe way you can support us, as easy as using Think of it as Pre-ordering the Album, or just being part of something really amazing! We can’t do it without you! There are rewards for every level of support. Even 1$ will help us meet our goal! We don’t take anything for granted, we know how hard everyone works, and how many noble causes there are in this world, and that’s what we are all about!

This album has a mix of old and new songs, songs you haven’t heard in a while and songs we wrote this summer. One in particular is called “Just Because” it’s a song I wrote about how I feel about saving the whales! Here is the link to our PROJECT you will find out everything you need to know there about what to do next, and what awesome prizes you’ll get in return for helping us realize our fantastic vision! If you can forward it to any friends and family who know or might care about us, that would be a big help! We need everyone’s help to pull this off! We are as grassroots as you can get! But we are staged to do some really amazing things this year!

Brad + Jess


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