Tour Diary Week 2

Wow that was fun!

This week we toured New England with Zachary Cale and the Highway Ghosts!

We made stops in Northampton, Boston and New Bedford Mass, Burlington VT, Lewiston Maine and New Haven CT.

We got to go swimming in a river by a waterfall, record some songs for Paddy’s blog in the attic of an old warehouse, eat tacos and homemade Portuguese wine, sit in a pew that Herman Melville sat in, and have our mom come see us play with Kath Bloom!!!

Thanks Justin and Julia for making the BEST popcorn I’ve ever had!

Thanks Hallucinijasons for the Bastille Day cake.

Thanks Science for putting on an awesome show

Thanks Chris Teret and Micah Blue for
being amazing songwriters.

Thanks Paddy, Ryan and Maryese for keeping Burlington cool!

Thanks to everyone at No Problemo! You guys rule, seriously.

Thanks Zach for letting us play on Shackles every night. I freakin love your band!

Thanks Penn for comin along. We miss you already. 😦


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