Tour Diary Week 1

Greetings from the road!

We are starting our US tour in New England with a week of shows with Spider.

We also have Penn Sultan from Last Good Tooth playing mandolin with us!

We made stops in Worcester and Lowell Mass, Biddeford and Peaks Island Maine, Portsmouth and Star Island in New Hampshire.

We saw an old speakeasy from the 20’s, drank a beer in the hull of a ship, had bonfire jams, ate lobsters, played banjo at the American legion, saw Jack Keroacs grave, ate BBQ and Blueberry Mickey Mouse waffles and heard a ghost story about the ghost of a little boy who was puking on this guys bed!

Thanks Aaron from the radio station for letting us crash and for showing us Hotel Vernon and the bear skin in your livingroom.

Thanks Gil and Coco for being cool. And for the tequila!

Thanks Jackman for taking us to the American Legion.

Thanks Coalmine Canaries for taking us to a haunted island!


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